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Most brokerage firms charge based on a percentage of the size of transactions and involve a minimum fee, whichever is higher. We will compare them to provide you with the cheapest brokerage account later in this article. The CDP securities account is where all the stocks you bought are deposited.

One can be using multiple brokerage firms to trade, but all the stocks bought will be stored in one CDP securities account. Stocks deposited in a CDP account belong to your name. In contrast, stocks in a custodian account belong under the name of the brokerage firm. We compiled a table of the popular brokerage firms in Singapore and their fees. All the trading fees comparison are based on online or mobile trades carried out in Singapore market using the below 3 types of trading methods:.

Base on the above comparison, we can see that the rates are rather close to each other for CDP accounts. Holding your stocks in a custodian account is cheaper as compared to holding them in the CDP, but one will risk losing all his stocks should he trade with a custodian account that ends up going bankrupt.

The price entered for securities listed on the NYSE market must be kept within 2 decimal places, otherwise it will be rejected by the exchange. After submission of orders, you may proceed to My Trades and check under Trade Status to check if the orders are open, partially filled or filled. Note that the unexecuted portion of partially filled orders will be reflected under Trade Status Open category.

All orders are issued an order reference number for tracking purposes. You may modify or cancel orders that have not been executed.

These are displayed under the Trade Status, Open orders screen. For Singapore and Hong Kong market orders, you can only modify new quantity to a lower value. No modification is allowed from a lower quantity to a higher value. To increase quantity, please submit a new order. Please submit your request after these timings. Therefore, it is important to check the outstanding order screen again later to see if the order has been successfully modified or cancelled.

Cancelled orders will be removed from the Trade Status screen. Note that once the order is executed, you will not be able to modify or cancel it. Yes, your orders may be partially fulfilled, depending on your order and market situation. The normal brokerage rate applies. Full details of our fees and charges can be seen in our fee schedule. You need to transfer the securities you are holding with other security firms to Citibank Brokerage to be able to trade those securities through Citibank Brokerage.

Please refer to Securities Transfers for more details on transferring. If the counter you would like trade is not reflected on screen, please call our Citibank Brokerage Hotline at for assistance. You will receive SMS and email notifications upon successful execution of your Hong Kong market trades. A contract note will also be mailed to you on the following business day. If you have further queries, please contact our CitiPhone Hotline at 65 Depending on your securities firm handing over the instruction to us, it may take at least 1 to 2 weeks from the time the instruction is given to your other securities firm, to release the securities.

Submit both forms to Citibank. You need to fund your Cash Trading Account before you can begin trading. You can fund your account via:. Notifications of upcoming and effective corporate actions are delivered as a courtesy in an effort to provide information which we believe may be of note to our customers. All information is supplied on a best-efforts basis and as such, Citibank cannot guarantee the timeliness nor accuracy of the information.

At times, terms of an offer may change without new information being provided to customers. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have reviewed all corporate action terms with an external party, such as company websites or news releases, prior to making any trading decision.

Types of corporate action - each corporate will be identified to be either a mandatory event those issues where no action is required from a shareholder or a voluntary event those actions where a shareholder may elect from a series of options. Mandatory events - Citibank does not send any general notification to account holders for Mandatory events.

Voluntary events - It is the customer's responsibility to check with an external party, such as company websites or news releases, for any corporate action announcements. As a courtesy, Citibank may review the terms of the offer and will on a best-efforts basis send eligible shareholders an eMail informing them of the corporate action. Customers may submit their election directly through their Relationship Managers. All communications to customers on corporate actions will be in English.

Citibank does not provide translation services to any other languages. Yes, you will receive a letter from Citibank. Once the payout is settled, it will be credited into your Cash Trading Account. The payout will also be indicated on your monthly statement.

Yes, you will receive a letter from Citibank with regards to the corporate action of the securities that you hold. The letter will be sent after the adjustments have been made.

The adjustments will also be indicated on your monthly statement. Please note that "Sell" orders of the respective securities can only be placed after the adjustments have been settled and reflected on your Cash Securities Account. The crediting of the corporate action entitlements are subject to receipt of confirmation of our custodian. The timing may vary depending on the nature of the corporate action and may be after the effective date of the corporate action.

For assistance, please call our Citibank Brokerage Hotline at Click here to view the corporate announcements of all markets. Click here to view the Suspended stocks of U. S and Hong Kong Markets.

Italian - Effective March 1 , all opening transactions in designated Italian companies with a market capitalization greater than million Euros will be subject to the Italian FTT.

The above examples and screenshots including references to specific securities are hypothetical and provided for illustrative purpose only. It does not represent all possible outcomes or describe all possible factors that may affect the payout of a transaction in Citibank Brokerage. Securities investments are not bank deposits and involve risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. The price of securities can and does fluctuate; sometimes dramatically, and that any individual security may experience upward or downward movements, and may even become valueless.

Therefore it is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling securities. This is the risk that customers should be prepared to accept. Investors investing in securities denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal.

Citibank is not recommending the Citibank Brokerage Account or giving any advice in relation to customers' securities investments. Customers will take complete responsibility for any losses resulting from their trading strategy. Investment products and services are not available to U. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured. For more information, please refer to SDIC's website at www. Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services.

Home Investments Citibank Brokerage Trading online. Click here to view a list of available Exchange-Traded Funds. Trade and Bank Effortlessly. Buy and sell securities in the U. Monitor your trades and the markets effortlessly with email and SMS alerts. Integration of Citibank Brokerage accounts and other Citibank accounts. Thomson Reuters Stock Analytics The Thomson Reuters TR Stock Analytics is an analytics tool which provides a series of stock market insights and analysis to assist your investment decisions.

Stock Overall Performance Average score provided based on trend studies, such as earnings and fundamental components. Peer Comparison Peer performance comparison of up to 6 months. Dashboard Allows you to customise your search and compare stock ratings, price performance, fundamental or relative valuation of selected stock against its peers. Log into your Citibank Online, select Brokerage module Input the stock code that you wish to trade and click on 'Quick Quote'.

Scroll down to obtain the Thomson Reuters Broker Rating. Click on 'Get more insights on this stock' to access the stock target price, report, peer comparison and overall performance. Under 'Stock Preview' tab, the dashboard allows you to customise your search and compare stock ratings, price performance, fundamental or relative valuation of selected stock against its peers.

Log into your Citibank Mobile, select Brokerage module Input the stock code that you wish to trade and click on 'Use Code'. Select 'Stock Preview' to access the dashboard, which allows you to customise your search and compare stock ratings, price performance, fundamental or relative valuation of selected stock against its peers.

Click here to submit your particulars and we will be in touch with you. Call our CitiPhone Hotline at 65 to find out more or request for a set of the application forms to be mailed to you. Trading with ease via three platforms: Citibank Online Begin trading in 4 easy steps: Scroll over investments and select Citibank Brokerage. Click on "Trade Now" to begin trading. Citi Mobile Trade on the go: Click on the "Citibank Brokerage" icon and select "Trade Now" to begin trading.

For placing phone orders, call our Brokerage Officers: What is Citibank Brokerage and what are its benefits? What markets can I trade in? What channels are available for trading?

Citi Mobile Trade and track your portfolio on the go! What is Citibank Brokerage Hotline? Citibank Brokerage Hotline service is available Mondays to Fridays, from 8. Who can apply for a Citibank Brokerage account? Citibank Brokerage services are not available to U. How do I apply for a Citibank Brokerage account? To apply for Citibank Brokerage account or for assistance, kindly contact us via one of the following methods: Online Click here to apply online CitiPhone Hotline Call our CitiPhone Hotline at 65 to find out more or request for a set of the application forms to be mailed to you.

Branches Visit us at any of our Branches. What type of accounts will be opened with a Citibank Brokerage application? Can I apply for a Citibank Brokerage account if I have a trading account with another securities firm? There is no limit to the number of stock trading accounts you can have. Can I open multiple Citibank Brokerage accounts? Yes, you can open individual and joint Citibank Brokerage accounts.

How do I add a new market to my existing Citibank Brokerage account? Where can I obtain a copy of the W-8Ben form? Do I need to submit new W-8Ben Form for my new account? How will I know if my application has been successful and an account has been opened?

An SMS and email will be sent to you once your brokerage account is activated. If I decide to close my account without having made any transactions, will I get all my money back? Do I earn interest on the cash balances in my account?

How do I access my funds in my Cash Trading Account? An ATM card for cash withdrawal will be issued upon successful account opening. Where do I check for my funds available for trading?

Can I view my new account when I login to Citibank Online? What happens if I have insufficient funds to pay for a "Buy" order? When can I make use of my "Receivables"? Where can I view the balance for my "Receivables"?

You can view the Receivables balance from either Portfolio or Trade Now. Only the 80 most recent transactions within any date range will be reflected. Where can I view my portfolio? What are the fees and charges? What are custodian fees? Singapore Market The fees apply at a rate of 0.

Am I subject to any U. What is SEC charge? For more information, the official website is www. What are the prohibited trading practices that I must be aware of when trading through Citibank Brokerage?

Can I place my orders with Citibank Brokerage anytime of the day? Singapore Market You can place trading orders almost 24 hours a day Except during the daily maintenance period, between 5.

Market You may place orders with Citibank Brokerage 24 hours a day, except during the period between 5. What are the trading hours of the Singapore, Hong Kong and U. Singapore Market With effect from 1 August , trading sessions are held daily from Mondays to Fridays between 9. Trading Hours with effect from 1 August 9. Auction Order Pre-opening Session 9.

What are the non-trading days of U. Singapore Holiday Calendar Hong Kong Holiday Calendar What are the instruments available for trading? Market Ordinary Common stock on Nasdaq, e. Hong Kong Market Ordinary stock e.

Are the stock prices quoted real time? Our real time price feeds ensure that you get up to date stock quotes. Who executes the trade? What checks are performed before Citibank Brokerage accepts a trade?

How can I search for stock quotes of the securities that I wish to trade in the Singapore, U. What are the types of orders available for trading?