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Windows 10 comes with a built-in secure shell SSH server for remote login and command line access to your files and programs. A word of caution: Be sure to read up on and understand how this change will affect your device before proceeding.

The Windows Firewall on your device is automatically configured to allow the service to listen for incoming connections from both private and public networks. Read on to learn how to restrict access from trusted networks and block connections from the public internet. You log in using your Windows Account name and either your Microsoft Account password or your local Windows Sshfs best options broker password.

Please note that your Windows Account name is not the same as your Microsoft Account or domain email address. You can type in one of bash or powershell after logging to switch to either the Bash shell or PowerShell. This means a remote attacker can make as many guesses of your login sshfs best options broker as they can possibly push through the network. You can limit the risk of a brute force attack by disabling login from remote networks.

This sshfs best options broker limit the service to only accept logins from what is identified in Windows as a local and private network source. This does depend on having the correct trust levels configured for the networks your computer connects to. Explore the Network section of the Windows Settings app to see the currently configured level of trust in the various networks your device is connected to.

There is sshfs best options broker on or off switch for the SSH server itself. As you might have sshfs best options broker from the above section on how to enable the service, it was clearly a bit of an afterthought. To properly disable the service, follow these steps:. However, it has more than enough features for most light use cases.

Switch to Developer mode and wait for it to finish downloading any packages. Turn on the Device discovery option. Turn off the Device discovery option again, unless you want this feature which adds mDNS support to Windows and allows for remote debugging.

To disable remote network logins, follow sshfs best options broker following instructions: Open Allow an app through the Windows Firewall. Authenticate yourself to modify the firewall rules by clicking the Change settings button. Click the OK button to apply the changes. To properly disable the service, follow these steps: Open the Windows Settings app and go to Update and Security: Turn off the Device discovery option if it was previously enabled.

Switch to Windows Store apps mode. Switch back to Developer mode, if desired.