Kiplinger broker review 2014

What is a kiplinger broker review 2014 of short term at Scottrade and what their short term trading fee? I use TDA for my IRA and find it almost impossible to determine the cost of shares in a fund purchased at different times. Brokerage reviews usually deal with stock investment. I've seen something similar on TRowePrice. The higher numbers claimed by the brokerages is because they offer 2, 3, 4 or kiplinger broker review 2014 share classes of a single fund, and count these as different "funds".

Thank you all for your contribution. And what they consider short term is three months. It looks like you're new here.

They impose no short term trading fees. Inside an IRA this doesn't matter, but in a regular account, it looks like I'd have to calulate my own costs to select shares to sell if I were trying to kiplinger broker review 2014 expensive or cheap shares. Fidelity has reduced the minimum holding period for non-Fidelity funds to 60 days. Fidelity shows this correctly.

Different people use different parameters to evaluate what is good. I cannot even plot kiplinger broker review 2014 graph for MF price. The main page shows an updated cost based apparently on the last reinvested dividend. Thank you all for your contribution. Inadvertently sent to cman.

Which mutual funds that you are interested in are not on TD Ameritrade's platform? Their platform will also accurately keep track of lots and warn you properly for fees, etc. The terms "investment" and "minimal holding periods" just don't go together.