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If you want to travel and hunt around BC then a pickup truck or a good SUV is often the ticket to hunt all around the province. The article below contains some tips and reflection autotrader bc atv my last used truck purchase.

The truck exhibited problems during our test drive which autotrader bc atv dealer was aware of but then upon taking delivery the next morning the truck exhibited a more serious problem which was a loud rattle on a cold start. Hopefully this article will help some of you avoid some autotrader bc atv these pitfalls when buying used. The best deal on a used truck is autotrader bc atv going to be found with the dealer that actually has the truck you want on their lot.

For me choosing Ford was really easy because I was already very familiar with the vehicles especially the F how they drove, how they rode and also my dads experience played a big role in my autotrader bc atv brand decision. I test drove a Chevy Silverado autotrader bc atv few weeks ago at a dealer in Parksville and was absolutely overwhelmed with all of the choices in options and trim and how it affected the trucks price.

That and the feel of the truck compared to my Fords autotrader bc atv just not what I wanted… The experience ultimately solidified my brand choice and pushed me right back to what I knew and understood and that was another Ford F Autotrader bc atv are three different prices autotrader bc atv every used truck.

The wholesale price, the sticker price and the actual autotrader bc atv the dealer is willing to sell the vehicle to you for. Look at ALL of the listings you can find for similar vehicles of the same year, similar mileage and options. This will give you a really good feel for the market on your particular truck model. There are so many options that can contribute or detract from the value of the vehicle.

Fully loaded trucks will always hold their value better than a base model vehicle. Utilize a resource such as the Canadian Black Book Car Values website which will give you ballpark values on specific makes and models of vehicles.

One of the benefits to trading in your vehicle rather autotrader bc atv selling it privately is it autotrader bc atv help offset the tax on the new vehicle you are buying. Research your vehicle on the Canadian Black Book website to get a wholesale and retail value so you can compare your vehicle to others on the market.

These research exercises although time consuming will help you be in a much better position to negotiate. Now in 2 or 3 years when I want another truck I will have equity in my current vehicle I can once again carry over into another purchase.

These inspections should pretty much be ignored and actually avoided if the dealer wants you to pay for it. This will help you guide your mechanic or chosen inspection facility to look into specific areas of the vehicle you might feel need attention. Hearing the vehicle on cold start can reveal many autotrader bc atv issues with the used vehicle. For example, my current autotrader bc atv exhibited a very loud rattle after startup less than 24 hours after taking delivery.

Literally I started the truck the morning after delivery and it made the noise you hear in this video. The finance managers are often the best salespeople in the entire dealership. If they do this walk away. My current truck the finance manager tried this technique over the phone and I let him know my displeasure. Miraculously upon my arrival to the dealership to take delivery of the truck they had found another lender who was willing to give me the rate I was originally promised.

These insurances are very profitable for them. No matter what the Ford dealer says, you can buy the extended warranty plan on both a new or used Ford truck from ANY Ford autotrader bc atv. It does not have to be the Ford dealer you purchased the vehicle from.

This means you can shop around for the warranty to see who will give you the best deal. The car dealer your interested in buying a vehicle from autotrader bc atv, really wants to sell you a vehicle. These are trained professionals who go to school and take courses, and listen to seminars and take other continuing education to learn how to suck more money from you at every step of the car buying process.

They understand human psychology and the decision making process, they will use this knowledge against you if you hang around the dealer and give them a chance.

Because, you need to pay for those hunting trips somehow too! Here are a few resources that have been very helpful when researching and trying to find the right truck and determine pricing. Canadian Black Book — Learn the low wholesale, high wholesale, low retail and high retail price ranges for your vehicle you are trading or thinking about purchasing. Ca — Browse autotrader bc atv of vehicles, mostly from dealers.

This site will help paint the pricing picture for your particular model. An extremely valuable pool of information on Ford trucks. Again, it just gives you more information to draw from when determining the value of your vehicle for trade or purchase.

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